MP3 CarPuter

mp3 CarPuter

in a 2004 civic

Michael Vogel

The Project:

Take an ordinary used PC and turn it into a trunk-mounted mp3 player for under $40. The computer will behave automatically enough that no monitor is required, and it will run off the car’s electrical system through an inverter.The only interface is a numeric keypad, which provides the driver with the ability to control the following functions:

  • Play/Pause
  • Next/Previous song
  • Skip forward/back by 10 songs
  • Select playlist (each playlist assigned to a number on the keypad)
  • Repeat & Shuffle
  • Add in new media (rip a CD and have it automatically added to media list)
  • Reboot or Shutdown computer



The Specimen:

The specimen for this project is my 2004 Honda Civic Special Edition (I think Special Edition must refer to the fact that all luxuries are removed (as in no power windows).


The specimen for this project: My 2004 Honda Civic SE (sold only in Canada, I believe)


Next Page

1. Introduction

2. Computer Software & Setup

3. Wiring & Hardware Installation

4. Powering FM Transmitter via USB / Other Sound Options


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